Professional Staging Services for Occupied Homes

Transforming Homes has been staging, redesigning, and selling Occupied Homes for many years. We begin by understanding what your needs and constraints are. For example, sometimes people are under a tight deadline to get the property sold and escrow closed as quickly as possible. Others may have resources and time available to upgrade the property somewhat to bring its market value up. Others aren’t ready to sell yet are very interested in improving how their home looks, feels and presents itself. Whatever your situation is, Transforming Homes offers a variety of services for owners of Occupied Homes.

Verbal Consultation

This is collaboration between you and a Transforming Homes professional. Beginning at the curb and walking towards the home, we will move through room by room discussing ideas and ways to transform each area into a place that will strongly and quickly appeal to most potential buyers when they first see the property.

The objective is to draw attention to the home’s strongest features and find ways to draw attention to those places. During the Consultation, we may talk about areas that could use neutralizing (or de-personalizing) in order to improve the home’s appeal. Another objective is to identify items to be changed and furniture that should be moved or relocated to improve the overall appearance. Our discussion may also include the possibly enhancing certain areas with focus walls of eye-catching colors.

The Verbal Consultation service takes approximately two hours depending on the number of rooms and square footage of the home. You will be surprised with the ideas that the Transforming Homes professional has in mind for your home and property!

Detailed Review and Consultation

Similar to the Verbal Consultation service, the Detailed Review and Consultation begins at the curb and moves to the front door. The difference is you don’t need to join us on the walkthrough. After two to three hours of gathering notes and perhaps some pictures, Transforming Homes will prepare a Comprehensive Room Ready Handbook customized for your property with recommendations and improvements for each room and area.

Recommendations will include what’s needed in order to showcase your home’s strongest features. Transforming Homes has access to furniture and accessories to supplement the items that we recommend be utilized in the staging.

After you’ve received and had a chance to review the Handbook on your own, your Transforming Homes professional will meet with you to review everything and answer any questions you may have. If the Consultation is being done in preparation for Hands-on Staging, all Pre-Staging and Staging Day activities and requirements will be discussed.

Hands-On Staging Service

The Hands-On Staging service is the process of actually performing the staging. Transforming Homes can create a refreshing living space that quickly appeals to most people when they see your home for the first time. Pre-staging day arrangements and instructions are discussed during one of the Consultations.

Highlight Staging

When time and/or money is limited, Highlight Staging may be a viable option. Highlight Staging is used in key areas of the home, not the entire home. Some of the places where Highlight Staging works well are the living room, dining room, and master bedroom, with a few accessories placed in the kitchen and master bath areas.

Written Proposal

After the Verbal Consultation or Detailed Review and Consultation have been concluded, Transforming Homes will present you with a proposal which will include the pricing for furniture and accessory rentals, if recommended, plus the Hands-On Staging Service.