Professional Staging Services for Vacant Homes

Staging a Vacant Home is particularly recommended because most buyers have difficulty envisioning their furniture and possessions placed inside empty space. This is especially true when potential buyers see images and videos of the Vacant Home on the internet. It takes very little staging in an empty room to make a profound improvement in how appealing the room looks!

First, we will determine a design theme that best suits your home’s overall style and the market you’re attempting to reach. Vacant Homes require full or partial staging depending on the budget. Then we’ll focus on the primary areas like the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath rooms.

Detailed Review and Consultation

The Detailed Review and Consultation service begins at the curb, moves to the front door, and migrates through the home room-by-room. After gathering notes and perhaps some pictures, Transforming Homes will prepare a recommendation that includes the furniture and accessories needed for each room.

A Detailed Review and Consultation must be done prior to presenting the owner with a Hands-on Staging Proposal. All Pre-Staging and Staging Day requirements and/or instructions are discussed at that time.

The Detailed Review and Consultation service, room-by-room walk through, and consultation typically takes about one hour for a Vacant Home.

Hands-On Staging Service

The Hands-On Staging Service is the process of actually performing the staging. Transforming Homes can create a refreshing living space that quickly appeals to most people when they see your home for the first time. Pre-staging day arrangements and instructions are discussed during the Consultation.

Highlight Staging

If time and/or money are limited, Highlight Staging may be a viable option. Highlight Staging is used in key areas of the home – not the entire home. Some of the places where Highlight Staging works best are the living room, dining room, and master bedroom, with a few accessories placed in the kitchen and master bath areas.

Written Proposal

After a Detailed Review and Consultation has concluded, Transforming Homes will present the owner with a Proposal which will include the price options for furniture and accessory rentals as part of the Hands-On Staging Service.